Monday, July 18, 2011

#Harry Potter Edition | Thanks J.K.Rowling for my childhood

Assalamualaikum and evening to readers and special love to Potter team. Who's here with me, in Pottter team? I want to know! Well, aku tak nak review movie pasal HP ni because I bet there are many bloggers yang buat review pasal ni right. Okay honestly, I'm crying while watching HP in cinemas. Mostly memang ramai menangis okay and I'm not ashamed with that.

Sorry but Harry Potter isn't just a book, or a movie .It's my whole magical childhood. And I seriously pity anyone who missed out. HP will always have a special place in my heart. 
Hogwarts is always be there to welcome you home :')

Ouh yes ,entry ni 100 % about HARRY POTTER. hate this?Sila la menyampah, I don't care at all. I'm proud to be part of Potter Team. Still , aku tak percaya HP dah habis, no more movie or novel HP after this but its no end yet in our mind and heart.I believe most of 90's kids grew up together with characters in HP about 10 years ago. How I miss the moment they arrived in King Cross waiting for their train. How they meet together in train. 


And SNAPE, the most bravest man in Slytherin. Aku rasa semua touching dengan scene dia hug Lily yang dah mati dan sanggup protect HP dan biarkan orang ingat dia jahat semata-mata cinta dia towards Lily James Potter.The reason Snape maybe hated the golden trio so much was because together they made Lily.
Harry had her eyes, Ron had her hair and Hermione was a smart muggleborn.  Always. 


Fred & George then funniest twin ever.George and Fred were literally best friends. Kalau diorang tak cut more scene masa Fred mati aku rasa memang fiuhhhhh bengkak mata kot. 
And now George's bestfriend has been taken away from him. It's just sad This scene is the last time we ever saw them together before Fred died. Goodbye Fred :"(


For Potter's fan I highly recommend you guys to sign up for tumblr! Seriously, korang akan rasa macam HP selalu ada dengan korang. Its not really a goodbye after all. I will keep this memories with me. I really hope Jk Rowling will do a special edition HP . If korang perasan aku ada buat special page pasal HP dalam blog ni. Click je kat situ. Will update later,anything about HP you can just ask me. Again, thanks for my chilhood J.k Rowling !


IzatyMardziah said...

love harry too ! gonna miss them after this :(

Aflina Affandi said...

@IzatyMardziah yahh will missing them T.T

Rara Farah said...

syok sangat layan movie ever..memula ingat SNAPE tu jahat jugak tapi rupanya ada maksud semua tuh.

Hunny Kitty said...

kipas susah mati harry potter ye? hehehhe....blogwalking sini

the alienoid said...

wa!! akak dah tengok ke cite tuh??saye blom lagyh..dah bace buku dye jea..
i already miss them :(

Aflina Affandi said...

Yah , jum masuk pottermore guys ! <3