Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Ramadhan 2015


It’s Ramadan, a scared month for Muslim around the world. It will be overuse ‘dates’ jokes in twitter ahaaa. I’m so glad that I can seize this opportunity again to welcome Ramadan but the more I grow the more I realize about the point of having Ramadan.

When I was a child, berbuka time will be the most wonderful time ever, we sit together as family waiting for azan and I was so greedy to have full plate by myself. I remember this one moment when we as a neighbour wake up each other by calling our neighbour’s name during sahur. It was like eh kenapa gelap lagi dapur tu makcik tak bangun lagi ke lets call them out. Our bonding were so close like that. Media social have a haram police, everything you do will be judge by them even if you talk about good thing you will be judge being riak by them. It’s so frustrating. My point here is there is a thin gap between advice and judging. Ramadan always be a turning point for Muslim, we struggle to be a good Muslim so please instead of talk bad about them why not you slowly make them turn into a better Muslim.For Muslims who did not fast, we can only hope for the best , give advice and the rest is it yourself to change it. 

I saw some post in tumblr "If you cannot develop a relationship with the Quran during Ramadan, then when do you expect to do it?If you have had a bad year or a difficult life and you want to strive towards rectifying yourself then this blessed months presents as a perfect opportunity to turn the page on a new phase in your life. "

I ask for forgiveness for any wrong I may have done to anyone and I forgive anyone who has wronged me. Start this month with a clean heart towards all Muslims and rectify any strained relationships you may have with others

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