Friday, January 23, 2015

Running Man Malaysia? LARI TV9

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There are so many tweets about Running Man Malaysia right now. Have you see the cast list? If not here are the list Azwan Ali, Amir Raja Lawak, Kamal Adli, Shahrul Shiro, Syahrul Ridzwan, Aepul Drama, Aisya Hasnaa, Nadiya Nisaa and Wak doyok. Maybe half of the list are the guest. 
I can't brain this. Do you think they will be as open-minded as the original cast of RM? I mean like the relationship between them, most of RM fans will know how much they love to tease each other. I afraid that Malaysian cast are more sensitive. If you know what I mean.

Teaser for Running Man Malaysia

Why I love Running Man Korea? 

1: The relationship between them are so real like a family. We can see they fight like a sibling yet care about each other.

2: They are so competitive despite their age, Suk Jin is almost 50 years old and the rest of the members are in their late 30s.

3. The way they respect the older and citizen. (So friendly and humble)

4. I like when they promote the food, it's so tempting! and of course beautiful places around South Korea. 

Honestly back to couple years ago, I kinda annoyed when people always talk about RM but when I started to watch the first RM episodes ( Jacky Chan as the guest) I laughing wholeheartedly, I'm very picky when it comes to drama,movie or shows, If you never watch RM I suggest you to watch the best episode first, you may try the one that have your favorite guest in that eps.

Courtesy from forum.

All RM cast have their own unique personality and for me I love Ji Hyo the most hihi
You can find out if you watch 3,4 episodes of RM. You gonna love it. If you want to watch it online you can try to visit or runmanblogspot,com.

So back to Lari a.k.a Running Man Malaysia, is it inspired games shows or do they give some credit or royalty to RM Korea like Hurry up, brother (Running Man China)? The China version also import two PDs from the original RM. I'm soooo gonna watch the 1st episode of Lari not because I like it but to see how much the similarity between them. What do you think?

p/s : For those who ask about this shows. Please refer to this video

Every Thursday, tv9 at 9.30 start from 9 April 2015. 



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Steward Mohammad said...

If you found that LARI (RM Malaysia) please post it here. Me too curious to see how it is gonna be like. For me too, I hate the copy actually but I prefer to see myself the differences in our Malaysian 's programme (LARI) because we have to support our own Malaysia's Industry! and if it is real the same as the running man korean, then I will not support it lol..

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