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Maaflah sejak setahun update hanya 3,4 entry ni buatkan writing skill semakin hambar jatuh merundum di tahap kritikal :( So, if you guys have been following me since 2011 mesti ingat time tu was my peak wahh peak sangat. I started shoot wedding photos, do some photo-shoot with my friends. After my camera got some fungus I just abandoned it and early 2013, phone photography makin trend dengan igers bertambah semua so aku shoot pakai phone je itu pun selfie je lebih haha.   ( sampai sekarang sebenarnya)

I just randomly snap photos around college events and etc and then around Sep 2014 my friend asked me to shoot her for fun so I just give a shot, I mean why not aite, try to polish some skill here, Wait, do I have a skill in photography more like syok sendiri sebenarnya haha, I don't why somehow I have lack of confident for photography thingy but no one else know. Nahh here I am telling you guys in my blog.

I mean like I just own d3100 without any extra accessories like other lens and flash. I'm suck at managing my financial * nahh, want to earn that with my own money not from parents*
AND I'm really bad at editing skill too. Ughh

In the middle of October or November I don't recall it, my ex-housemate whatsapp me to ask whether I can be her photographer on her wedding. Huhu 50-50 actually because I'm think I just want to enjoy her wedding though. Relax with other ex college mate but hey it can be my fresh start, and last week my friends ask me to be their photographer on convo and E-day. So, I'm thinking why not I grab this opportunity and start with be my friends's photographer and later when I improve my editing skill I can expand it to potential client with a good marketing promotion. Someone's quote said that if you do a job that you like you will have fun with it and not think it as work burden. I love photos, I love capture moment. I just need to work hard to earn money for a new camera equipment

So, currently working to improve my editing skill T.T susah okay bukan instant edit macam kat smartphone kita tu, Click je filter tu kan senang. We use cs photoshop or lightroom adobe ps nak kena tau funtion tools apa, create preset sendiri etc. Lepas tu kalau ada makeup bride yang spoil nak kena touch up macam gambar bawah ni kesian kat pengantin la oi, then photographer nanti kena edit pulak.

p/s : Ni pun ada touch up sikit just tingal part hidung tu for example. Adui lahh kesian pengantin kalau dapat mak andam gini.

Gambar lates yang bulan sep 2014 hari tu, kan dah kabor lama tak shoot tak practice, editing skill pun sedih so macam ni jelah yang dapatnya. Currently, working to improve it sebab yelah dah ada 3 event nak kena cover so far. For more photos you guys can visit

Until then, adios!

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