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Short story : A day after tomorrow.

Assalamualaikum , 

Ehem , selamat hari khamis semua. I promise my friend to post my short assignment in my entry. After a long thought I decided to post it now. Friendly reminder , I know there's a lot of grammatical error in my short story.And yes tu idea original okay tak copy dari mana-mana. Sendiri buat, gila nak copy.

Ilmu tak berkat tahu. Errr,and one more thing I notice that my story ada yang tergantung kat certain part that because deadline time tu lagi 2 hari. Hahaha, I'm tomorrow type of person not early bird type. So, faham-faham la . Here we go ! Warning , short story ni almost 2000 words. Dan sila pasang lagu Regina Spector kalau nak lebih feeling.


Kring kring , the bell ringing. It was five o'clock in the morning on a typical day in the small town called The Burrow. Aryans stops her alarm clock. She counts the steps to the bathroom as usual. Aryans can’t see the world since she was 12 years old. It happens too fast yet she still remembered  incident of a car crash that happens infront of her eyes. After taking a bath and prayed she go to downstairs for breakfast.

‘Mom! I better go to school now if not I will miss the bus.’ She's now seventeen years old which is in the toughest year in secondary school. As expected, Aryans entered the class and a few of her classmates makes fun of her but she just ignored and sits in her place at the back of the class.

‘Morning class, submit your homework now before we start our class’ said Mrs Susan their English teacher. Even though Aryans is blind but she’s one of the top students in the school. Feel guilty; her parents hired a professional teacher to teach their beloved daughter. ‘Okay, besides me now is a new student from Hogwarts. Introduce yourself to your classmate, son’ said Mrs Susan. ‘Hi! My name is Adam Mikhail but you can call me L for short. Err, not L  in Death Note movie of course’ Mikhail giggles nervously. The whole class pays attention at him except for Aryans. He is a charming boy with big hazel eyes and curly hair.

Konon-konon ni la Adam Mikhail tu

‘You can sit behind Aryans’ said Mrs. Susan. Mikhail sits behind Aryans and smile to her but she didn’t smile back. ‘Oh , don’t feel ghastly, she didn’t smile at everyone back because she can’t see’ said the class monitor. He’s staring at Aryans. ‘Such a pretty girl with a beautiful pair of eyes’ monologue Mikhail. He determined to get close to Aryans.

On the second day of school  , Mrs Susan asks them to do a task with partner and as usual no one want to partner with Aryans then Mikhail offers himself to do a task with Aryans . ‘Hi Aryans, can I do the task with you?’ said Mikhail respectfully. Aryans just reply it with a polite smile. She is a reticent girl that’s why she doesn’t have any buddy except her parents and she is the only daughter in Uncle Firdaus’s family.

Day to day, Aryans and Mikhail seems to be closer to each other. Now Mikhail understands why Aryans is always being alone. Her parents have always busy with their work and she don't have no siblings to talk with, all she has just a maid called Mak Semah.


Six months have passed, both of them get a flying colors result.
‘L, I really glad because you are always being beside me after this time. But after this we will take our own path, I want to be a teacher so that I can teach disabled children like me and my parents agree to send me abroad along with my cousin to take care of me while they are not there to accompany me’ said Aryans. ‘Don’t worry I will always wait here for you Aryans’, Mikhail just smiles and walks away.

From google search : Imagine je la muka Aryan macam ni

4 years later,

‘Aryans! Come on now, we will be late for the kids’ said Farahin  her cousin.
Aryans went to the car park with a plastic bag which is full with the present. She smiles at herself, she felt so proud of herself. She’s now is a part time kindergarten teacher that teaches disabled children like her. Two more days she will graduate from the University Beauxbatons in Britain.  Aryans feel saddle in her heart because tomorrow she’s going back to her hometown so Aryans want to meet them for the last day and want to make a surprise for the special kids.

‘Teacher, do you really want to leave us?’ ask Belle.
‘No my dear, but I have to go back in my hometown and it's really far from here. I promise that one day I will visit you guys here. You like a little fairy that fill my loneliness’ said Aryans.

A day after tomorrow Aryans went to the airport with her cousins, Farahin.

‘Why does it take a minute to say hello and forever to say goodbye’ sigh Aryans but at the same time she felt excited to meet her parents. On the plane, Aryans didn’t talk much, while she glimpse of the past with the kids suddenly she remembered about a boy that always makes her smile and felt safe; Mikhail. For four years and half she being in abroad and during that time they rarely contact each other.
‘Maybe, he already forgot about me’ monologue Aryans.

After a week been in Malaysia, Aryan decided to find a job but all her requests have been rejected because of her disability.‘Don’t be heartbreaking Honey, there’s many jobs in Malaysia. 
You will find one later’ said her mother.
Her mother didn’t understand her, she just wants to be a teacher that can teach disable children. Aryans just sit in her room and listen to melody that still lingers on her favourite song. Lately, she has been thinking about Mikhail but she just pretends that she doesn’t miss him. She suddenly remembered these words ‘Love is missing someone whenever you’re apart, but somehow feeling warm inside because you’re close in heart.

One fine evening, when she sits together having a chit chat with her mom suddenly her mom asks her about marriage.
‘My beautiful daughter, don’t you want to have a family?’
Aryans just faint smile and said ‘Of course mom, but who want to marry with a blind girl?’
‘So, what do you say if papa and I found a suitable husband for you?’
‘Did you tell him that I can’t see the world? Ask Aryans curiously.
‘Don’t worry honey, we already discuss it with his family and they didn’t mind at all’ said her mother optimistically. 
‘Okay, I trust you and papa will make a good decision for me’ said Aryans. Actually she accepts her parents suggestion because she didn’t want to burden them anymore. She realized that her parents love her so much and she can see their efforts in raising her to be a nice person.

Two months later,  the big day has arrived; the wedding. Marriage is the golden ring in a chain whose beginning is a glance and whose ending is eternity.

Once in a while, right in a middle of an ordinary life, love gives people a fairy tale. But how? She didn’t know much about her future husband except that he works as a teacher and both of them are not even dating like other couples. Ahhh , Aryans try to think in positive way. After the ceremony done, her mother leads Aryans to meet her husband in bridge’s room.

‘Assalamualaikum’ said her husband.
That voice, that warm voice, the voice that always plays in her mind. ‘Am I dreaming?’ monologue Aryans.

‘You look so beautiful today, my dear wife. Don’t you remember me? I’m used to be your best friend’ said Mikhail.
Aryan felt so shocked but at the same time her feeling was mixed with excitements, moving.

‘Is that really you L?’ Aryans start sobbing.

‘Yes, it's really me. Your best friend’ L wiped tears which fall on Aryan’s cheek and hug her. ‘Don’t you remember the words that I give to you?’

‘I will always be here waiting for you and alhamdulillah now you are mine.’ L kissed Aryan on her forehead.
Aryans felt so warm and protective. She felt so thankful to Allah that now L is her husband.

Day after day, they living as a happy couple. One day, Aryans fall sick. She always vomits after having a meal. Mikhail felt worried about her and bring her beloved wife to clinic.
‘Congratulations, you going to be a mommy’ said the doctor.
‘Do you hear that Honey? We’ll be daddy and mommy soon’ Mikhail kisses Aryans on her cheeks. During the time she carries a baby in her belly Mikhail threat Aryans like a little princess. He does all chores in house and hired a maid to take care of Aryans while he’s at work.

‘Honey, promise me that you will take care our baby and raise our little angel with full of love.
‘Sure darling, why do you say like that? Of course I will raise our baby full with love’
‘I’m just saying it my dear.’ Said Mikhail and hug Aryans.

It has been seven months and a half Aryans carrying a baby in her belly.
‘Honey, are you ready for dinner?’ ask Mikhail
‘Yes, in a minute’ said Aryans
‘You look beautiful than usual honey and I’m the luckiest man on earth to have you as a wife’ Mikhail kisses Aryans on her lips.

Aryans admit that Mikhail is a loving husband. She feels so happy to have him as a husband and never regret her decision.
On the way go to dinner, Aryans and Mikhail talk about their past and how they meet each other.

 At the restaurant, Mikhail gives Aryans a surprise with a romantic candlelight dinner accompanies with a piano that play their favourite song; Lucky from Jason Mraz.
After finishing their dinner, on the way to car park a van from nowhere lost control went into them and Mikhail without thinking anything he pushes Aryans away from the van and bammm the van hit Mikhail. Aryans can’t do anything. She just screams for a help and then she heard Mikhail voice whisper to her that he always loves her and their baby.
Aryans felt so scared and panicked until faint. After she realized from unconscious she calls her husband name again and again but Mikhail didn’t answer it. She felt weird why suddenly she can see everything clearly. She can see the real things.
‘Aryans, be patient dear. Thanks to Allah s.w.t you awoke from coma from three months’ said her mother.
‘Where’s my husband mom?’ yell Aryans but her mother just keep silent and give her a baby. ‘Here, take your baby and calm down. He has Mikhail’s eyes. A pair of big hazel eye. You should proud of your little boy. Although he born pre-matured but he managed to survive. Before Mikhail died he asked doctors to give his eyes to you’ said her mother.

Now, his little boy called Arman Mikhail is already two years old. Aryans staring at her wedding portrait. Arman look exactly like her father, Mikhail.
‘Thanks for giving me a chance to see the world again and thanks for giving me a meaningful life’ Aryans crying and kiss her little boy.

She remembers Mikhail’s words that he will always waiting for her and yes Mikhail always be part of her. Each time Aryans look at the mirror she see Mikhail’s eyes staring at her ‘Life wouldn’t be the same without you and all the memories you have given to me. I hope we will meet again in Jannah, InsyaAllah ’ monologue Aryans.

Okay, the end. So how ? Errr, i know banyak yang part yang tiba-tiba kena cut but what to do limit word 2000 words only. Hope you guys enjoy the story . Ayat berterabur habis, shame on me.

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